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Career Advising

Through customized professional coaching services, I support mission-driven people to develop personally and professionally fulfilling lives. 

"Eric posed questions that opened up a sense of possibility, that allowed me to feel excited, that allowed me to believe that I could accomplish the vision I have for myself and for my work."


- Lisa B, Author and Dance Facilitator  

At the end of my coaching session with Eric, I looked at the list of values we'd generated and said "That's a life I could hang my hat on." In about 45 minutes, Eric helped me to better understand my money story, uncover my deep values and ambitions, and set some practical goals to start turning the next season of my work into reality."


- Colin S, Freelance Editor

"Eric was very kind, generous, and persistent in the process of our work together. I have taken useful techniques away with me -- taking an action to get from planning to actuating, for instance, rather than just sitting with the plan until whenever; and gaining awareness of when I am stuck with time- have helped a lot."

-Sarah Buerman, Property Manager 

By working with Eric, I have been able to become much more attentive to myself and open up new ways to approach various road-blocks I encounter. I have found his approach to be both empowering and horizon-opening. Eric is a warm and affirming presence and makes it very easy to work with him.

-Brian Walter, PhD Candidate 

My Approach: 

Coaching is a method of one-on-one support that honors the wholeness and integrity of each person and supports their development so that they can move beyond internal limitations and navigate external obstacles. I am a trained coach through the Academy of Coaching Excellence, an accredited coaching school by the International Coaching Federation. As a coach I don’t give advice, rather, I provide a supportive space that guides you to consistently act from your own wisdom. Coaching is based on the study of neuroscience and organizational and human development principles.

Some Useful Distinctions About What Coaching Is and Is Not:  


Therapy is about healing from the past; Coaching is about taking action.


Consulting prescribes expertise; Coaching helps you to develop your own skills.


​Training follows a curriculum; Coaching is based on your own objectives.


Mentoring is based on a mentors wisdom; Coaching is based on your values. 

There are many types of services providers available to support you. My commitment to you is that I provide you with information so that you find the best fit for you.  

Topics I Work With People On

Stress, Self-Doubt, & Overwhelm

Move beyond your doubts, worries, and fears.

Time Management & Productivity

Develop skills to accomplish the things you would love to be doing.​

Career & Purpose

Discover where you want to go next and create a road map to get there.

Personal and Professional Relationships

Navigate your personal and professional relationships with ease.


Use money to put your true values and intentions into action.

Health & Well-Being

Learn to partner with your body as your lifelong companion.

Leadership & Professional Skills

Hone your ability to empower others toward purposeful action.

Plans and Rates

Check-In Plan


  • 3 Month Package 

  • Text and Email Weekly Accountability Check-In's

  • 1 One Hour Coaching Session Per Month

Standard Plan


  • 3 Month Package 

  • Text and Email Weekly Accountability Check-Ins 

  • 2 One Hour Coaching Sessions Per Month  

  • 2 Document Reviews Per Month (Resume, Project Plan etc.)

Weekly Plan


  • 3 Month Package 

  • Text and Email Weekly Accountability Check-Ins 

  • 4 One Hour Coaching Sessions Per Month

  • Unlimited Document Reviews (Resume, Project Plan etc.)

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