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Updated: May 23, 2019

As a coach lots of people ask me questions about the field and what it entails. Here is a list of some of the common questions that people have asked me about coaching. I hope this is useful to you whether you are exploring hiring a coaching, looking for resources for a friend, or just want to learn more about the industry.

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a method of one-on-one support that honors the wholeness and integrity of each person and supports their development so that they can move beyond internal limitations and navigate external obstacles. As a coach I don’t give advice, rather, I provide a supportive space that guides you to consistently act from your own wisdom. Coaching is based on the study of neuroscience and organizational and human development principles.

What areas do you work with people on and how do I know if it would be useful to me?

Coaching might be for you if...

  • You are burnt out from the current work you are doing

  • You are navigating a job transition and not sure what to do next

  • You are launching a new project or business and it's taking way more energy than you expected

  • You are worried about the state of the world and want to figure out how to make your unique contribution

  • You are ready to take your mission and work to the next level but you are not sure how to approach it

  • Your current work doesn't feel fulfilling but you are not sure what to do next

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Get clear on what isn’t working right now, and shift to move in the direction where things are working with more ease.

  • End your days feeling alive, fulfilled, and energized because you're making your greatest unique contribution.

  • Save time, money, and energy by focusing your efforts on the work that’s here for you to do instead of worrying about what to do next or hesitating because of uncertainty.

  • Gain pragmatic tools you can use consistently in your life, work, and career.

This seems like a lot of time, effort and money. Is it really worth it?

Coaching is an investment in your personal and professional growth. One thing you can look at is how this investment going to be beneficial to the people in your life closest to you. How will putting the time and energy into your personal development benefit your co-workers, family members, and community? How will your investment in moving beyond your current thought patterns support you to save time, money, and energy?

How is coaching different from other modalities of support like therapy?

Here are some useful distinctions that help to begin to answer this question:

  • Therapy is about healing; Coaching is about taking action.

  • Consulting provides expert knowledge; Coaching helps you to put your own expertise into action.

  • Training follows a curriculum toward set objectives; Coaching is customized based on your needs.

  • ​Mentoring guides you based on a mentors wisdom; Coaching guides you based on your values.

Not sure what kind of support you need? Check out this flow chart: [CLICK FOR THE FLOWCHART

When I am hiring a coach what should I look for?

One of the most important things to look for is whether they are a fit for you. Here some additional things to look for:

  • They have received rigorous training through an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited School or other accredited program.

  • They have a clearly defined contract that they outline with you.

  • They offer a free discovery session to ensure the services they provide are a fit for you.

  • They adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics or another code of ethics for the profession of coaching.

Here is a guide that I wrote on How to Find a Life and Leadership Coach with more information on this subject.

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