Dialing Up the Support Knob In 2019

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

It is exciting to write on this subject because I was supported in so many incredible ways in 2018. My parents committed to the low-fodmap diet with me for 2 months to help me stay on it, an accountability buddy talked with me on the phone for at least five minutes every day for 90 days, and several friends helped me load and unload a U-Haul truck two times. In 2019 I hope to amplify the amount of support that people give to each other.

It is normal to hesitate before asking for help and we probably have all done things that would have been easier if we had people supporting us. I have been caught trying to lodge a cumbersome desk up the stairs by myself. Without asking for support I could have ended up underneath that desk instead of placing it nicely in its spot in my new room.

A mentor of mine told me a story about a man who moved to a new town. He was lonely and wanted to make new friends. He decided to go down to the local bar and see if he could meet anyone there. He figured that if he went enough he would start to become a regular. Several weeks passed by and the bartender and people who visited the bar recognized him but didn’t say much to him except a hello everyone once in a while. Just before he was about to give up, one of the regulars came up to him and said: “one of our buddies is sick in the hospital and were passing around a bucket to raise money for him, would you put something in?” The regular brought him over to his friends and introduced him to them. The man was delighted to put some money in to support their friend and he said it was the first moment since moving that he felt part of a community.

When you reach out to ask for support from someone you are contributing them and giving them an opportunity to connect with you. By asking for support you are telling them that you trust them and want them to be a part of your life.

So how we dial up the support volume knob up to an eleven in 2019?

  1. Be a role model by asking for support. When you need help with something don’t hesitate to reach out, by asking others for support you are showing that calling on their help is a normal thing to do.

  2. When someone is complaining about something ask them, “If you were supported on this what would be most helpful to you? Sometimes it is easy to move too quickly to giving others advice and what they really need is your support brainstorming, listening, or cheering them up.

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