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The Scholar Pod

Make An Impact On Others Lives, Your Field, and The World 

The Scholar Pod is a group coaching and training program that provides structure and support for scholars to make an impact on their field while becoming life long learners in a rapidly changing era. 


When you hear the word scholar you probably think of.... 

A white old man, those green library lamps, and a feather and quill pen...

But the word scholar means something new these days... 

Scholar: a person who is researching and developing new ideas and insights around a particular area of study who uses what they have learned to improve the lives of others.

These are some of the important things that scholars are working on... 

  • What is causing Colony Collapse Disorder and what can be done about it?

  • How can ontological coaching be used to transform client- patient relationships in hospitals?

  • How do public utilities tell the story of racial inequality in American cities?

  • How can play be used to better understand child psychology and inform trauma reduction practices?

Being a scholar also comes with a unique set of challenges... 

  • You aren't given a specific structure and you're expected to keep track of everything on your own

  • You have to set and track your own deadlines, due dates, and project milestones

  • You experience the classics: roadblocks, writer's block, and procrastination

  • It feels like you are running a marathon without a roadmap, directions, or support 

  • It's scary to think about putting your work out into the world where other people might judge it 


That's Where the Scholars Pod Comes In 

The scholar's pod is a space for young professionals to come together to set clear goals for their research, support each other, and develop skills for approaching their work with greater ease. 

How does the Scholar's Pod program work?

If you choose to embark on this adventure, you will learn to clearly identify what is important to you, how to shift your attention when you are feeling scattered, and how to complete your various responsibilities with ease without "sacrificing" the things that nourish you.


By the end of the program, you will have achieved a clear goal relating to a personal project, dissertation, thesis, or research endeavor while also learning new things about yourself, the world, and what it means to a life long learner in a rapidly changing era. 

Length of the Program: 6 Months  

Number of Sessions: 12 Sessions 

Location: Sargent Hall (Zoom)

Meeting Times: 3:00pm- 4:30pm ET/1:00-2:30 MT,12:00pm- 1:30pm PT

Session Lengths: 1 hr, 30 min 

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Who is your guide for the scholar pod? 

Eric-Sargent-0096 2.jpeg

Eric Sargent 

Life and Career Coach 

Eric Sargent is a life and career coach, entrepreneur, and environmentalist. As a trained professional coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, he combines lessons learned from neuroscience, timeless wisdom, and knowledge of human development. Eric helps people who are passionate about making an impact overcome stress, make difficult decisions with ease, and find their dream jobs. Working in the impact sector for the last decade he has organized hundreds of volunteers, led dozens of workshops, and coordinated a wide variety of events that inspire and connect community members. Eric is also a musician, avid hiker, and plant enthusiast. You can read more about Eric here.

"Eric has helped me "notice" but not judge certain habits and predispositions I bring to my work. By working with Eric, I have been able to become much more attentive to myself and open up new ways to approach various road-blocks I encounter."


- Brian Walter, phD Candidate 

"In about 45 minutes, Eric helped me better understand my money story, uncover my deep values and ambitions, and set some practical goals to start turning my vision for the next season of my work into reality."


- Colin S., Writer and Entrepreneur

"Eric posed questions that opened up a sense of possibility, that allowed me to feel excited, that allowed me to believe that I could accomplish the vision I have for myself and for my work."


- Lisa B. Dance Facilitator, Activist, and Writer 

Making Posters

What happens in the pod? 

Group Coaching


Accountability Buddy Check-Ins  

Guest Speakers and Mentor Scholars 

Group Discussions and Masterminding.

Outdoor Study Group

Who is this program for?

This is for you if...

  • You have a specific area of research or project you want to move forward with

  • You want to move beyond the places where you are stopping yourself

I am keeping the program to just 6 people so that you can: 

  • Develop close connections with the other members of the pod 

  • Get the support you need in each session 

  • Learn and grow in community 

What are the plans and rates for this program? 

This program is being offered on a sliding scale. Choose the tier that's a true stretch but not a hardship:

  • $215/month 

  • $165/month 

  • $115/month

 Scholarship rates available: Contact me and we'll see what we can do!

Pay at the tier that is a “stretch” but not a hardship for the sake of:


1) Your development: Your investment reflects the value you are willing to get out of this program. By paying at the level that is a true “stretch” for you,  you’ll get to see how incredibly capable you are of moving past your familiar worries and doubts and you will experience the very breakthroughs you are seeking from coaching.

2) A thriving, inclusive community of scholars: The lower levels are for those who truly cannot pay more, even factoring in the financial support of others. By paying an authentic rate, you are helping to build an inclusive, thriving community of scholars.

Work Environment

Produce These Results!

Become the “go to person” in your field of study such that colleagues, friends, and others want to consult you on your perspective.

Live a meaningful life full of passions, friends, and family while also pursuing ambitious and groundbreaking projects. 

Gains success skills, tools, and practices that make managing and completing your projects 40% easier.

Put your projects and research out into the world where they can make an impact on others' lives, policy, and public opinion.